Gable Conservatory

Gable style conservatories have 2 sloped roof sections ending in a vertical gable end, like many house designs.  This style of conservatory works well with older properties, and can help to echo the style of the main building.  With a sense of architectural grandeur, the Gable end conservatory offers a light and airy design, additional headroom and excellent use of the available internal floor space.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is a timeless design that adds a touch of elegance to your home. Victorian conservatories typically have a 3 or 5 panel faceted end which gives them their unique look and charm.  This multi-faceted bay gives excellent all-round views and can help extend the pleasure of your garden, as you admire it from the comfort of your new conservatory.  The Victorian conservatory also provides an elegant way to soften the transition between your house and garden.

The Georgian and Edwardian conservatory

This will allow your new extension to flood with light due to its high roof style which gives the room a bright and airy feel, this is a classic conservatory type that combines practicality with style.  With its flat front and rectangular/square shape, the conservatory ensures no wasted space, so plenty of room for your furniture, plants or new kitchen.

Sun Room / Lean-to Conservatory

This style of conservatory is usually rectangular with a roof that slopes away from the property. The effect is modern, uncomplicated, with clean and simple lines, making them suitable for all house designs.  A Lean-to Conservatory is often referred to as a sun room, and is an ideal style for properties with a limited amount of space. The pitch of the roof is variable so it is able to fit under low roofs, such as commonly found on bungalows, or with a steeper pitch for a detached house.

Roof Lanterns

A Roof Lantern is a way to create a stylish new living space that’s flooded with natural light. It will not only enhance your lifestyle, but add value to your home too. A roof lantern can be incorporated into a new build or an existing extension of a house, or anywhere you have a flat roof.

The high tech glass helps the roof lantern to reduce both heat loss and noise. They give the ultimate feeling of space & light and will completely transform your living areas and will actually increase the height of your room. There’s plenty of ways you can customise your ceiling windows to fit the look and feel you want for your home. You can choose between two bar or three bar gable pitched styles, plus a range of external frame colours.

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